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Birthdate:Apr 20
Location:United States of America

AGE 28|August 2
HOMETOWN Starkhaven
FAMILY Goran, Cousin || Corbinian, Cousin
OCCUPATION Prince of Starkhaven (Disputed), Chantry Lay Brother
OTHERS Skilled archer


Sebastian was born third in line to the throne of Starkhaven, described as the throw away. With the heir and the spare slots already filled Sebastian fell into the role of the black sheep when he was young. He broke into the winery of the castle at an early age and began dallying with women then as well.

The reputation was built quickly as the drunken, whoring son of the current Prince of Starkhaven, but Sebastian carried much respect for his grandfather, who taught him archery and attempted to guide him away from the lifestyle he was building. By then his parents had made a decision on Sebastian's behalf though.

The Starkhavens always dedicated at least one member of their family to the Chantry and one evening they dropped Sebastian at the Kirkwall Chantry, within the neighboring city and left him there to learn to control himself. The Chantry Mother, Elthina, allowed him the choice to stay or go, and eventually, Sebastian allowed himself to embrace the teachings of the Maker.

Now a dedicated lay brother of the Chantry, Sebastian has been forced to face the reality of being the son of a royal family. His family was murdered and he stands now as a disputed prince of Starkhaven but unsure if he should take the crown due to his vows tot he Chantry.

  • ARCHERY Taught by his Grandfather, the previous prince of Starkhaven and honed on long afternoons between Chantry teachings. His skill is high, though wasted currently.
  • RIDING An old pastime that he takes advantage of when needing to deliver messages or simply when on errands. He takes time out of the city to ride throught he fields outside of Kirkwall when his head needs clearly, which is often lately.
  • VENGEFUL When Sebastian is faced with a loss caused by others, he cannot let it go. Despite the teachings of forgiveness within the Chantry, he finds it difficult to reach the same level of acceptance for the will of the Maker as the others. From the failures of the Viscount in protecting the people of Kirkwall to the people who murdered his family, Sebastian's rage can be overwhelming for him.
  • IMPULSIVE Impulse is something he always found a loose control of. He will often make decisions based on his emotions in the moment and finds it difficult to step back and think of the wider picture when caught up in a moment. Though he's learning, it is still a difficult process.
  • PIOUS Sebastian can be pious to excess. He quotes the writings of the Chantry easily, and attempts to guide everyone towards the light. This causes internal conflict as he had little chance to explore his own emotions an decisions yet carries a belief so strong in the Maker's will it cripples him socially.
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